New in Commit: Bank Payments

Accepting Bank Payments

Commit's new bank payment feature allows swim clubs to accept payments from their members through bank transfers. Previously, swim team members could only pay for their team fees with a card (credit or debit). This feature is live in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Why add bank payments?

Many of our customers have been asking for a bank payment option for parents. There were two underlying reasons for this request that made this an important addition to improve Commit:

1. Some families simply prefer to pay this way. We wanted to give them this flexibility.

2. There are also lower processing fees with bank payments vs. cards. We pass these savings along to our customers.

How do you use bank payments in Commit?

ONE - A Parent navigates to "Payments" and clicks "Add" payment method.

TWO - The parent connects a bank account securely through Stripe.

THREE - Yay! Now the bank account will be a payment method on file.

Other Recent Improvements to Commit:

  1. Sort one off payment list by most recent to least recent instead of reversed
  2. Pull up customer billing account in-line with meet billing
  3. Fix archived programs showing that were showing up on dashboard
  4. Fix possible double invoicing for meets if user clicks too fast
  5. Read-in meet results with prelims/ finals in different courses
  6. Fix financial report access issue for those without financial permissions

Make the switch to Commit today

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