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Manage your website content, parent communication, billing and invoicing, roster information, volunteer hours, and more with Commit.

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Club billing

Commit Swimming uses Stripe, the world's leading online payment system, to securely process payments for your club. And getting setup takes minutes, not days.

Member messaging

You deserve a simple and effective way to communicate with your families. No more draft emails getting accidentally deleted. And, parents even get push notifications to their phone when you send a message.

Team website

With Commit, your club's website stays on your real domain name! Our onboarding team helps you migrate your existing website content over to Commit. From there managing your site with Commit is simple.

Volunteer tracking

Managing volunteer signups in Commit is easy. Setup an event, add sessions and jobs and watch signups roll in from your members. When you want to tally up hours, simply export a historical report.


Setup registrations & billing

Use Commit's program builder to design your groups, fees, and registration flow for parents. Simply enroll swimmers and trust that billing works.

One-off invoicing with flexibility

Create invoices for literally anything. Run invoices for multiple swimmers at once for the same event or item.

Powerful customer management

Manage balances, pause billing issue refunds, view transaction history, and more.


Send emails and push notifications

Every message gets sent as an email and a mobile push notification to alert parents of new communication from their swim club.

Drafts save as you type

Draft messages save automatically as you type. No more frustration!

See who read your messages

Track who has received and read your messages so you know if you need to send out reminders.


Your website on your domain

Commit's websites are modern and are hosted on your actual domain name. No more redirects to gomotionapp.com!

Simple website builder

Simple, easy to use website builder inside of Commit Swimming lets you customize your team's brand and public facing website content.

Onboarding help

Our onboarding team assists in migrating your old site's content over to your side on Commit.


Setup your event

Create events with sessions and jobs for parents. is simply dummy text of the printing industry.

Simple signup for parents

Watch signups flow through as parents use their portal to select jobs and time slots.

Volunteer reporting

Track all volunteer hours with one simple, flexible report.

Swim Teams Change for the Better in 4 ways when they use Commit



”“I am more organized and in control.”


Saves Time

“It is user-friendly:-) and saves me a lot of time”



“With the whole coaching staff on commit really helps us streamline our workouts”


Training Quality

“Better quality control of team programming & athlete development”


You become more organized

Commit brings your coaching and staff collaboration into one modern tool. The season planning and workout writing tools help you organize thoughts and set your club up for success.

Encourages a consistent workout writing process.

Workouts organized by group and folders.

Season planning tool holds you accountable to your big picture.

You save valuable time

Commit's workout writing tool, meet entry process, roster management and other features are simple to use. Coaches report saving hours of frustration compared to other swim coach software.

Writing workouts naturally saves time compared to paper or other software.

Commit's software just works. Fewer workarounds and more getting stuff done.


You develop more staff collaboration

You can write workouts in Commit and have all of your coaches access them digitally from anywhere. This is great for developing new coaches, staying in sync across your program with regards to seasonal planning and program consistencies. With Commit, your staff is more organized and things run more smoothly across the board. Your coaches grow much faster because of the transparency and sharing of ideas across your team.

Seasons run more smoothly when coaches can see their season planned out and also track it daily.

Simple to share workouts with other coaches, especially if you are off deck and have an assistant running the group.

You see better training quality

Your overall program quality and athlete development will begin to improve and show steady consistency once you start using Commit. Coaches like you often cite that it is easier to address weaknesses in the training program, that there is better overall practice structure/ variety for athletes, and that seasons become more analytical with Commit. Commit forces you to be more precise in your training plan which has the downstream effect of improving the training quality across your entire team.

Commit makes it easier to address weaknesses in the training program.

More organized with better practice structure and variety.


Still not convinced? Listen to our customers.

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"Commit is easy. You get responses within a day. Everything can be linked together all in one place too. Meet entries, everything."

Abel Gutierrez
McAllen, Texas

"Love commit. We were one of the first clubs to switch. Their customer service is the best!"

Laurie Karr
Columbus, Ohio

"Commit's awesome and anything that isn't, they fix right away. I loaded a years worth of results as a drag and drop and it took 20 seconds for example."

Jon Siegel
Montclair, New Jersey

"We use Commit for writing practices, program registration, meet entries, meet fees etc. simple to use and questions are answered within a day."

Scott Leindecker
Bemidji, Minnesota

Make the switch to Commit today

You work too hard to be stuck with outdated, clunky swim team management software. Switching does take time and effort but we do the heavy lifting for you. Our onboarding team helps you bring over your roster, family contact information, results history, and website content to Commit.