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Run your swim club efficiently with Commit Swimming's simple, powerful team management software

Workout management

Swimming's #1 workout management software.

Meet entries

Simple meet entries for you and your families.

Club billing

Securely process payments for your club.

Member messaging

Simple messaging to keep parents in the loop.

Team website

A real website with your real domain name.

Reports & analytics

Analyze your team's training and performance.

Roster management

Roster management that syncs with SWIMS.

Volunteer tracking

Setup events and track volunteer hours.

Workout Management

Swimming's #1 workout management software.

Write workouts

Write workouts just like you would on paper let Commit's parser do the work.

Favorite sets

Save favorite sets for easy access.

Training analytics

View training volume by strokes, types, and intensity levels over time.

Share workouts

Print, email, or share a link to your workout.

Season planning

Construct a season plan using Commit's planning tool and integrate it with your workouts.

Attendance tracking

Use Commit's mobile app to track attendance on the pool deck.

Customize training terminology

Add your own swim lingo so Commit's algorithm can do its magic.

Meet Entries

Simple meet entries for you and your families.

Create meets on your calendar

Adding meets to Commit automatically puts the meet on your team calendar.

Add events file from meet host

Drag and drop your events file to populate sessions and events.

Invite swimmers to meet

Filter and invite the appropriate swimmers to the meet.

Track committed athletes

Commit athletes yourself or have parents make the commitments.

Do entries or give parents permission

Do entries with all the powerful data of swimmers' times right in front of you.

Run meet billing

Run meet billing simply with just a few clicks.

Club Billing

Securely process payments for your club.

Program registrations

Setup programs, registration groups, and make your registrations live.

One-off invoicing

Process invoices for one-off items for groups or individual members.

Recurring club billing

Run and track all recurring club billing each month.

Financial reports

Export a transaction report to reconcile with your bank account.

Create and use coupons

Create coupons to apply to member enrollment plants.

Balance adjustments

Make one-off balance adjustments with notes on customers.

Transaction history

View full invoice and transaction history for every customer account.

Process refunds

Process full or partial refunds for any payment.

Member Messaging

Simple messaging to keep parents in the loop.

Send emails and in-app messages

Messages are sent as emails and in-app messages to all parents attached to a swimmer.

Add mobile push notifications

Mobile push notifications can be turned on when your message is of top priority.

Send messages in context

When working on a meet or a calendar event, easily send a message to the appropriate families.

Track who read your communication

View delivered and read receipts to know who might need another reminder.

Receive "contact us" messages

View all incoming interest to your swim club from your website.

Save drafts

As you type, your message draft is automatically saved.

Team Website

A real website with your real domain name.

Build your website

Use Commit's custom website builder to build a modern, sleek site for your swim team.

Host your website

Host your website confidently with Commit and have your club's brand represented with your real domain name.

Add pages with ease

Modifying your site is simple. Add pages, change content, switch your menus, all with just a few clicks.

Integrate with registrations

Embed your open program registrations right on your public marketing website.

Integrate with your calendar

Publicly share your swim team's calendar right on your marketing site.

Reports & Analytics

Analyze your team's training and performance.

View team top time reports

Filter by age group and dates to see top times in every event for your swim club.

Analyze team training

Use Commit's interactive training dashboard to discover trends in your workouts.

Individual swimmer progression

View each swimmer's time progression in every event in an interactive dashboard.

Attendance reporting

Simple attendance reporting - filter by training group and dates.

Financial reporting

Export a transaction report to reconcile with your bank account.

Meet entry reports

View and share meet entry reports with your families. Select from a variety of options to customize to your needs.

Roster Management

Roster management that syncs with SWIMS.

One roster

A simple list of your people. Searchable by name, parent names, parent emails, etc.

Customize for your needs

View the columns you want, sort and filter by anything.

Manage individual profiles

Quickly update information on any of your swimmers.

Override best times and splits

Need to quickly fix incorrect times? Do it right on a swimmer's profile.

Syncs with SWIMS 3.0

The simplest and best connection to SWIMS 3.0 out there.

Add custom fields

Add any fields you want to your roster. Include these in your registration flow. No limits.

Volunteer Tracking

Setup events and track volunteer hours for your swim parents.

Create volunteer events

Simply add a new event with a name and dates. Or duplicate an existing event to maintain sessions and jobs.

Customize each event

Add sessions and jobs for each session with credits.

View signups

View signups as they flow in or edit the signup slots yourself.

Easy parent portal

Parents can quickly select a job and time slot they want to volunteer for.

Track hours with reports

Run historical reports for any date range to see which families have met their volunteer credit quota.

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McAllen, Texas

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Laurie Karr
Columbus, Ohio

"Commit's awesome and anything that isn't, they fix right away. I loaded a years worth of results as a drag and drop and it took 20 seconds for example."

Jon Siegel
Montclair, New Jersey

"We use Commit for writing practices, program registration, meet entries, meet fees etc. simple to use and questions are answered within a day."

Scott Leindecker
Bemidji, Minnesota

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