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Workout Management

Commit's swim workout management features have been trusted since 2015 by elite training centers, age-group clubs, universities, high schools,  all around the world.

Meet Entries

Meet entries in Commit are simple. Invite the swimmers you want to attend, monitor commitments, do the entries, and generate an entry file for the meet host.

Reports & Analytics

Commit's interactive reports are the best in swimming. Analyze your team's training data and performance at a level you've never done before. And of course export financial reports that match exactly to your bank account payouts.

Roster Management

Managing a list of people on your team doesn't need to be complicated. Collect any information you want during registration, require the signing of waivers, and sync your roster with SWIMS 3.0.


Write your workouts naturally

Commit lets you type workouts naturally and maintains their character. No more clicking and selecting items to fill out a bunch of boxes. Commit automagically structures the workout data for you.

Season planning integrated with workouts

Build your plan in Commit and always know where you are in your season. It's simple and powerful.

Track attendance with ease

Commit's attendance taking is simple. Just tap who attends the workout.


Compatible with hy-tek files

Just like you're used to - import an events file, do your meet entries, and export a meet entry file with Commit.

Meet entries with unrivaled data

The best part about the meet entry process in Commit is you can view a swimmer's full time history in any event as you're entering them into the event.

Simple meet commitments

In Commit, the process is simple... 1. Invite swimmers to a meet, 2. See who commits, 3. Do your entries.


Discover trends in your training

View training volume by strokes, types, and intensity levels over time. With Commit, you can analyze your training for specific athletes, taking into account attendance and the exact sets that swimmer did in each workout.

View team top time reports

Team records? Top times in LCM from last season for your 11-12 age group? Want to view the National group top times for this year's SCY season? All of this is just a few clicks away with Commit's team top time reports.

Customize meet entry reports

In Commit, when you are reviewing meet entries, you can customize a report to give you the information you want to see. Pull up entries for a specific meet session, include proof of entry time, splits, room for notes, and more.


Find anyone quickly

Filter, search and sort by virtually anything. With Commit, you can search for parent names, emails, swimmer names, etc. and it will be smarter than you think :)

Integrate with SWIMS 3.0

Sync your roster with SWIMS. Send your USA Swimming registration link to families. Prompt members registering for certain groups to register for USA Swimming.

The universe of a swimmer

Dive into an individual swimmer's profile. In Commit, everything you need to do for a specific swimmer is right in front of you. Adjust profile information, manage groups, manage billing, analyze a swimmer's training or performance all in one place.

Swim Teams Change for the Better in 4 ways when they use Commit



”“I am more organized and in control.”


Saves Time

“It is user-friendly:-) and saves me a lot of time”



“With the whole coaching staff on commit really helps us streamline our workouts”


Training Quality

“Better quality control of team programming & athlete development”


You become more organized

Commit brings your coaching and staff collaboration into one modern tool. The season planning and workout writing tools help you organize thoughts and set your club up for success.

Encourages a consistent workout writing process.

Workouts organized by group and folders.

Season planning tool holds you accountable to your big picture.

You save valuable time

Commit's workout writing tool, meet entry process, roster management and other features are simple to use. Coaches report saving hours of frustration compared to other swim coach software.

Writing workouts naturally saves time compared to paper or other software.

Commit's software just works. Fewer workarounds and more getting stuff done.


You develop more staff collaboration

You can write workouts in Commit and have all of your coaches access them digitally from anywhere. This is great for developing new coaches, staying in sync across your program with regards to seasonal planning and program consistencies. With Commit, your staff is more organized and things run more smoothly across the board. Your coaches grow much faster because of the transparency and sharing of ideas across your team.

Seasons run more smoothly when coaches can see their season planned out and also track it daily.

Simple to share workouts with other coaches, especially if you are off deck and have an assistant running the group.

You see better training quality

Your overall program quality and athlete development will begin to improve and show steady consistency once you start using Commit. Coaches like you often cite that it is easier to address weaknesses in the training program, that there is better overall practice structure/ variety for athletes, and that seasons become more analytical with Commit. Commit forces you to be more precise in your training plan which has the downstream effect of improving the training quality across your entire team.

Commit makes it easier to address weaknesses in the training program.

More organized with better practice structure and variety.


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McAllen, Texas

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Laurie Karr
Columbus, Ohio

"Commit's awesome and anything that isn't, they fix right away. I loaded a years worth of results as a drag and drop and it took 20 seconds for example."

Jon Siegel
Montclair, New Jersey

"We use Commit for writing practices, program registration, meet entries, meet fees etc. simple to use and questions are answered within a day."

Scott Leindecker
Bemidji, Minnesota

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