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View team top time reports

Team records? Top times in LCM from last season for your 11-12 age group? Want to view the National group top times for this year's SCY season? All of this is just a few clicks away with Commit's team top time reports.

View top times for your entire team dating back to when your club started.

Filter by age group, training group, and more.

View a specific season's top times so you can determine how your club is progressing as a whole.

Analyze team training

Do you ever wonder if your team's training is actually in-line with your season plan? Are there hidden trends in your workout designs? Commit's dashboard answers these questions. View training volume by strokes, types, and intensity levels over time.  With Commit, you can analyze your dashboard for specific athletes, taking into account attendance and the exact sets that swimmer did in each workout. Use this powerful, easy to use tool to help your team reach its full potential.

View training volume by training group.

Analyze intensity level breakdowns through time.

View percentages kick vs. swim vs. pull throughout your season.

Individual swimmer progression

With Commit, you can dive deep into an individual swimmer's time progressions. View all events at once on a simple interactive dashboard. Filter by stroke and distance to narrow down your analysis. Want to include the swimmer's relay splits? One simple toggle on and they're there right in front of you.

View swimmer's time trends for an event as a best time progression.

Take a deep dive into a full table view of every result a swimmer ever swam in a particular event.

Click through to view results from a specific swim meet or event at the meet.

Attendance reporting that's simple

Commit allows you to pull up training group attendance reports for your season or a past season. Sort the report by most practices attended, missed, or attendance percentage. Dig into an individual swimmer's attendance history to view which workouts they attended and which ones they missed.

Filter attendance reports by training group and date range.

Sort reports in a way that works best for your club.

Analyze a specific swimmer's attendance history.

Accurate financial reports

Commit's payments reporting gives you ultimate flexibility in running your swim club's finances. Download a report that matches each payout to your team's bank account exactly. Every transaction is categorized for you automatically so you can filter and sort by whatever works for your swim team.

Select a date range and view all historical payments from your members.

Export a report to a spreadsheet that can be used for any type of financial analysis.

View reports with payments categorized by swimmer, family, and type of transaction (swim meet fee, membership fee, etc.)

Customize your meet entry report

In Commit, when you are reviewing meet entries, you can customize a report to give you the information you want to see. Pull up entries for a specific meet session, include proof of entry time, splits, room for notes, and more.

Generate printable meet entry reports that fit your needs.

Include individual and relay event count to reconcile with the meet host on fees.

Include room for swimmer splits to compare from their previous best time.

Commit is simple. Commit is powerful.

One system, all you need

You've been using clunky team management software for years. Software doesn't have to be clunky to be feature-rich. You can manage your entire club with Commit Swimming. Everything is mobile friendly for you and your members.

Workout management

Commit's swim workout management features have been trusted since 2015 by elite training centers, age-group clubs, universities, high schools, all around the world.

Meet entries

Meet entries in Commit are simple. Invite the swimmers you want to attend, monitor commitments, do the entries, and generate an entry file for the meet host.

Club billing

Commit Swimming uses Stripe, the world's leading online payment system, to securely process payments for your club. And getting set up takes minutes, not days.

Website builder & hosting

With Commit, your club's website stays on your real domain name! Our onboarding team helps you migrate your existing website content over to Commit. From there managing your site with Commit is simple.

Member communication

You deserve a simple and effective way to communicate with your families. No more draft emails getting accidentally deleted. And, parents even get push notifications to their phone when you send a message.

Reporting & Analytics

Commit's interactive reports are the best in swimming. Analyze your team's training data and performance at a level you've never done before. And of course export financial reports that match exactly to your bank account payouts.

Volunteer management

Managing volunteer signups in Commit is easy. Set up an event, add sessions and jobs and watch signups roll in from your members. When you want to tally up hours, simply export a historical report.

Member management

Managing a list of people on your team doesn't need to be complicated. Collect any information you want during registration, require the signing of waivers, and sync your roster with SWIMS 3.0.

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Abel Gutierrez
McAllen, Texas

"Love commit. We were one of the first clubs to switch. Their customer service is the best!"

Laurie Karr
Columbus, Ohio

"Commit's awesome and anything that isn't, they fix right away. I loaded a years worth of results as a drag and drop and it took 20 seconds for example."

Jon Siegel
Montclair, New Jersey

"We use Commit for writing practices, program registration, meet entries, meet fees etc. simple to use and questions are answered within a day."

Scott Leindecker
Bemidji, Minnesota

Make the switch to Commit today

You work too hard to be stuck with outdated, clunky swim team management software. Switching does take time and effort but we do the heavy lifting for you. Our onboarding team helps you bring over your roster, family contact information, results history, and website content to Commit.