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For the coach who wants to write workouts with Commit

Workout writing

Mobile app

Season planning


Training analytics

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For the team that wants to write workouts with Commit

All of "Solo"

Up to 6 accounts

Meet results

Performance analytics

Parent portal

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Run your club on Commit but build your website somewhere else

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Run your club with an integrated website directly on Commit

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Website builder

Onboarding assistance

Priority support

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Team Basic
Team Premium
Write workouts

Write workouts just like you would in a Google Doc and let Commit's parser calculate all the swimming stats for you.

Favorite sets

Save favorite sets for easy access and share them with other coaches collaborating on your training groups.

Season planning

Construct a season plan using Commit's planning tool. Separate the plan by group and pull it up while you write workouts to have a big picture view of your season.

Training analytics

View training volume by strokes, types, and intensity levels over time. Analyze by group or specific athlete.

Attendance tracking

Use Commit's mobile app to take attendance on the pool deck. View attendance reports for your team or individual swimmers.

Mobile app

Commit's mobile app is great for coaches and swimmers. Write workouts, track training and attendance write in the palm of your hand.

Integrated calendar

View your team's calendar based on the other features you have in your Commit plan and filter down to different views.

Customize training terminology

Add your own "strokes", swim "types", and "intensity" scales so Commit's algorithm can understand your workouts.

Share workouts

Print, email, lock/ unlock workouts for your swimmers, or share a link to your workout. This is a simple way to get it in the hands of someone not on your team.

Manage roster

Manage your roster, training groups, parent information and more.

Collaborate with staff

Add other coaches on staff with the proper permissions and access to certain training groups.

Meet results

Upload meet results after the meet. View and analyze every event from the meet.

Team results analytics

View and analyze your team's performance by season with a variety of filters.

Individual performance analytics

Dig into an individual swimmer's time progression in each event.

Parent portal

Give parents access to the administrative side of Commit. Here parents can pay invoices, view upcoming meets, volunteer opportunities and more.

Team communication

Send out in-app messages, emails and mobile push notifications so everyone is in the loop.

Program registrations

Construct programs, make registrations live and watch registrations flow through.

Ongoing club billing

Run club billing through Commit for your members.

Everything payments

Do everything with payments from one-off invoices to balance adjustments, refunds, and more.

Financial data reports

Export full financial data to a spreadsheet format for input into other software or analysis internally.

Meet entries

Construct your meet entries for each swim meet. Generate entry files and reports.

Meet billing

Run meet billing based on meet entries in just a few clicks for each swim meet.

Volunteer tracking

Add events for parents to register for. Create sessions and jobs with credits to earn. Track all of this with a simple report export.

Website builder

Build beautiful swim team websites with Commit. Add pages, adjust your menus, add content and watch your team come to life.

Website hosting

No stress web hosting on your actual domain name. No more redirects to gomotionapp.com :)

Onboarding assistance

As close to a white-glove onboarding experience as you can get. We manage data transfer and website building, so you can focus on running your swim team.

Priority support

Our support team is incredible. Priority support means you go to the top of the pile.

Still not convinced? Listen to our customers.

#1 Swim Team Management Software

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"Commit is easy. You get responses within a day. Everything can be linked together all in one place too. Meet entries, everything."

Abel Gutierrez
McAllen, Texas

"Love commit. We were one of the first clubs to switch. Their customer service is the best!"

Laurie Karr
Columbus, Ohio

"Commit's awesome and anything that isn't, they fix right away. I loaded a years worth of results as a drag and drop and it took 20 seconds for example."

Jon Siegel
Montclair, New Jersey

"We use Commit for writing practices, program registration, meet entries, meet fees etc. simple to use and questions are answered within a day."

Scott Leindecker
Bemidji, Minnesota


Below are some questions clubs often ask us before making the switch to Commit. Still have questions? Email us at team@commitswimming.com.

It looks like Commit has team management features. Can I still just use Commit as a workout management tool?

Absolutely! Our first two pricing tiers, "Commit Solo" and "Commit Workouts" are designed just for you. We integrated all of Commit's features into 1 platform but we still are the #1 workout management software in swimming :).

How long does it take to make the switch off of TeamUnify over to Commit?

It takes on average 4 weeks from start to finish (and we do the heavy lifting). The timeline varies from club to club. We've had teams switch in 48 hours and also teams that do a slow multi-month transition. Switching software always requires work but our onboarding team assists in migrating over data and getting you setup on Commit.

Can you bring over my results history from TeamUnify or other system?

Usually, yes. We use your team's results files to load in your historical data. If you don't have easy access to these, generally your LSC does. We connect with SWIMS 3.0 for membership data but not for times. No third-party software has access to the SWIMS times database (not even TeamUnify).

When is a good time to make the switch to Commit?

Anytime! The reality is - you know your club better than we do. For the switch to go smoothly, we need one key person at your club available respond to emails within a day or two and spend a few minutes doing some tasks to help the process along. Some teams make the switch in the middle of a season, others wait until a natural pause. Either way works as long as there is enough time and both sides are responsively working together.

What is the difference between Commit Team Basic and Commit Team Premium?

Commit Team Premium comes with everything you need to run your swim club, plus the ability to build and host your website on the integrated Commit platform. Commit Team Basic does not include a public facing website for your team. This is great for teams who already have a public facing website through a different platform such as Squarespace or WordPress.

Can I see a few sites of teams that have made the switch? Can I talk to other clubs to see how they like it?

Yes and yes! Here are a few examples of teams that have made the switch:

And feel free Shoot us an email with some details about your club and we can put you in touch with a team similar to yours.

Do you sync with SWIMS?

Yes. Control who you add to your Commit Roster from USA Swimming. Once synced, swimmers USA Swimming Member IDs and registration information will be saved in Commit. Always keep up with who is registered for USA Swimming on your roster and who needs to renew.

How hard is it to get parents up and running in Commit?

It is super simple. It’s one
email click for them to set their password. And our onboarding team has a parent communication playbook that we share with you on how to make this transition seamless for your members.

Can I see a demo of the Commit platform and ask questions?

Absolutely! You can book a demo with us by clicking here. We will show you the platform and you can ask any questions you have about making the switch to Commit. You can also send us an email with any questions you have if you'd like to learn more first.

Will you help get my website setup?

Yes. Our onboarding team will build a first draft of your website for you using Commit's website builder. From there, we assist in migrating over your DNS settings so everything connects :). Editing and adding to your site is simple and intuitive inside of Commit.

Can you bring over my roster from TeamUnify or other system?

Yes. We have simple export instructions for you and assist in reading in your roster data including address, parent, and miscellaneous information.

How long have teams been using Commit as a replacement for TeamUnify?

Our first batch of clubs began using Commit for team management in the Spring of 2021. We've been improving the product ever since and bring on more clubs each week.

We just renewed our current software, what options do we have to make the switch?

Book a demo and just let us know you prepaid for a year on your current software. We will work with you on making sure you're not double paying. Also keep in mind, software companies are supposed to issue a prorated refund if you cancel mid-period :) Sometimes you just have to ask.

Make the switch to Commit today

You work too hard to be stuck with outdated, clunky swim team management software. Switching does take time and effort but we do the heavy lifting for you. Our onboarding team helps you bring over your roster, family contact information, results history, and website content to Commit.