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Simple and secure payment processing for your swim team.

Trusted by elite training centers, age-group clubs, universities, high schools, masters teams, and summer clubs all around the world

Create programs for registration

Use Commit's program builder to design your groups, fees, and registration flow for parents. It's simple to use and maintains flexibility so you can run your club the way you want.

Choose what upfront fees your members pay upon registration.

Add documents and waivers for parents to acknowledge during registration.

Include custom fields you need to know from parents for your club.

Recurring billing that works

Spend less time running previews and analyzing complicated billing grids. Simply enroll swimmers and trust that billing works. With Commit you can pause, cancel, and add coupons to any swimmer at any time. Choose to roll up your billing for all meets and other one-off payments each month or to bill for items as they happen.

Flexible billing allows you to specify whether you will auto-charge or send invoices for each family.

Allow parents to pay through card or bank account debit.

Pause billing for swimmers that take breaks but will be back soon.

One-off invoicing with flexibility

Do you need to bill some of your swim team members for travel fees? Team gear? Pizza party? All of these things are simple with Commit's one-off payments. Simply create the event or item you want to charge for, filter and select applicable swimmers and run the invoices.

Run invoices for multiple swimmers at once for the same fee.

No limit to the number of times you can charge the same swimmer for the same event or item.

Choose to roll up these fees into one monthly bill or invoice right away.

Coupons and discounts

Create coupons for members on recurring payments. Determine if the discount applied is a percent or an absolute dollar amount. With Commit you can "name" each coupon and then mass-apply to coupon to multiple swimmers at the same time. Coupons are easy to add and remove at the individual level as well!

Create coupons for recurring billing.

Apply coupons individually or mass-select and apply to multiuple swimmers at once.

Easily remove coupons from billing at any time.

Create coupons using absolute dollar amounts or percentages.

Make balance adjustments on the fly

Need to make a correction but don't want to issue a partial refund or create a separate invoice? With Commit, you can simply make a balance adjustment on the swimmer's account. This running history of adjustments will be netted into the next invoice.

Create positive or negative balance adjustments for a given swim team member.

View balance adjustment history on a member's profile.

Choose to itemize adjustments as separate pending invoice items that will apply on the next invoice.

Powerful refund management

Refund any charge at any time for your members. Commit also allows you to issue partial refunds so your parents stay happy if mistakes are made.

Simply click on the paid invoice and issue a full or partial refund.

Refund processing takes a few business days to reflect on your member's statement.

Full transaction history for each member

View the entire invoice history for your team's members. Commit simplifies the process of figuring out the financial history for each swimmer on your club. Parents also have easy acccess to this information inside of their Commit account.

View each past invoice whether it was paid, voided, or is past due.

Pull up invoice details to see each line item and what it was for.

Commit is simple. Commit is powerful.

One system, all you need

You've been using clunky team management software for years. Software doesn't have to be clunky to be feature-rich. You can manage your entire club with Commit Swimming. Everything is mobile friendly for you and your members.

Workout management

Commit's swim workout management features have been trusted since 2015 by elite training centers, age-group clubs, universities, high schools, all around the world.

Meet entries

Meet entries in Commit are simple. Invite the swimmers you want to attend, monitor commitments, do the entries, and generate an entry file for the meet host.

Club billing

Commit Swimming uses Stripe, the world's leading online payment system, to securely process payments for your club. And getting set up takes minutes, not days.

Website builder & hosting

With Commit, your club's website stays on your real domain name! Our onboarding team helps you migrate your existing website content over to Commit. From there managing your site with Commit is simple.

Member communication

You deserve a simple and effective way to communicate with your families. No more draft emails getting accidentally deleted. And, parents even get push notifications to their phone when you send a message.

Reporting & Analytics

Commit's interactive reports are the best in swimming. Analyze your team's training data and performance at a level you've never done before. And of course export financial reports that match exactly to your bank account payouts.

Volunteer management

Managing volunteer signups in Commit is easy. Set up an event, add sessions and jobs and watch signups roll in from your members. When you want to tally up hours, simply export a historical report.

Member management

Managing a list of people on your team doesn't need to be complicated. Collect any information you want during registration, require the signing of waivers, and sync your roster with SWIMS 3.0.

Make the switch to Commit today

You work too hard to be stuck with outdated, clunky swim team management software. Switching does take time and effort but we do the heavy lifting for you. Our onboarding team helps you bring over your roster, family contact information, results history, and website content to Commit.

Still not convinced? Listen to our customers.

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"Commit is easy. You get responses within a day. Everything can be linked together all in one place too. Meet entries, everything."

Abel Gutierrez
McAllen, Texas

"Love commit. We were one of the first clubs to switch. Their customer service is the best!"

Laurie Karr
Columbus, Ohio

"Commit's awesome and anything that isn't, they fix right away. I loaded a years worth of results as a drag and drop and it took 20 seconds for example."

Jon Siegel
Montclair, New Jersey

"We use Commit for writing practices, program registration, meet entries, meet fees etc. simple to use and questions are answered within a day."

Scott Leindecker
Bemidji, Minnesota