New in Commit: All-in-one Fresh Layout

A new all-in-one Commit Swimming Layout

Commit's workout management and team management features are now combined into one interface on This allows coaches and administrators to do everything in one spot!

Why combine everything in Commit into 1 interface?

Previously coaches and team leaders bounced back and forth between two different pieces of Commit: A) Team Management and B) Workout Management. This caused confusion and a less than ideal user experience for some of our users. We wanted to make things simple again :).


  • All your Commit features will be available to use in one platform!
  • The beginnings of a sleeker design that is easier to navigate.
  • Improvement to our design means we can now set our sights on developing other improvements and features that you’ve been asking for like:
    • All Workout Management Features are now in the same portal. (no more toggling between two different windows)
    • Meets and Results are managed in the same place
    • Workouts, Training Groups, and Season Planning are now all together under the Training Menu
    • Roster and Staff/Coaches are managed in the same area under PEOPLE (as members for the team/club)
    • The settings menu has been updated and combined with workout management preferences and settings.
    • Easy profile options to toggle between “roles” for users with duel accounts (i.e. someone who is a coach and a parent)
    • Easy team switching options – for users on multiple teams

Make the switch to Commit today

You work too hard to be stuck with outdated, clunky swim team management software. Switching does take time and effort but we do the heavy lifting for you. Our onboarding team helps you bring over your roster, family contact information, results history, and website content to Commit.